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About This Project




Inclusive Companies is committed to confronting the prevalent issue of inadequate representation of diversity within UK organisations. Our mission encompasses assisting employers in cultivating a genuinely inclusive workplace environment, where the unique differences of each employee are both acknowledged and valued.




The existing website of Inclusive Companies failed to align with the organisation’s core ethos and values, contributing to a discrepancy in representation. Furthermore, the design of the website was perceived as outdated, lacking the professionalism that mirrors the esteemed associations with which they collaborated and to which they provide accreditations.




The proposed solution entails the development of a website design characterised by vibrancy and depth, which effectively encapsulates the diversity of various groups. This redesign aims to maintain a balance between a modern aesthetic and the requisite professional standard that corresponds to our associates’ expectations. By integrating soft palettes of colour, the new design strategy moves away from the stark corporate image of the previous website, ushering in a more inviting and welcoming ambience.