BBC Radio Merseyside X Eurovision

Artwork, Print
Digital, graphic design
About This Project




BBC Radio Merseyside needed to create a flyer for the “Voice of Eurovision” the idea was to find a local person to be a presenter for the Eurovision song contest from a Liverpool point of view.




The creative for the 2023 Eurovision brand had not been signed off in advance before the radio station needed to have flyers produced ready for the global launch. Low-resolution images had been shared with management with an idea of what the creative would be. My job was to interpret these images and develop a working design that could be approved quickly once the branding assets were supplied.




The general idea was to have one side dedicated to the Eurovision branding design and the other side dedicated to BBC Radio Merseyside. The key to the design was to be instructive with key steps for the reader to perform in order to find out more information. By Utilising a QR Code made it easier to focus on the infographic design layout rather than how to fit in all of the information & terms and conditions.

Both BBC and Eurovision were happy with the result with no amendments other than adding in the Eurovision-approved branding.