Unity Education Trust

art direction, logo design, Pitches & Presentations, Web Design
About This Project




Unity Education Trust (UET) is a Multi-Academy Trust built on developing like-minded schools to outstanding and beyond through collaborative working that develops a unity of purpose in all that we do.



UET had 9 schools within its trust ranging from Nursery Schools to Special Education Units. They recently acquired another Trust which brought in a combined number of 24 schools under their UET banner. The style and branding for each school needed to be updated to fall in line with UET and the other 9 schools. UET also needed a revamp in branding as it was felt the current style was dated and not professional enough.




In order to achieve such a complex project, I created a simple strategy that would allow each school to fit within the brand but keep its own unique identity. I invited all of the headteachers from each of the schools to a homepage building exercise. A home page design was signed off by the CEO and generic variables were created in order to accommodate different schools’ needs all sticking within the brand guidelines.



Like a jigsaw puzzle, each headteacher began to put their homepage design together and once they were happy with the look we took a photo with their signature next to it, as a formal sign-off of the design.

This process made it easier for my design team to replicate the main design by changing sections and adjusting colours and approved fonts.